27 March 2013

This time we went to Cambridge for a friendly game.

12 March 2013

Karlstad trip

We had the honour to meet one of the greatest floorball players when we went to Karlstad to watch the local team play Storvreta IBK.

17 January 2013

Crusaders vs. Cambridge friendly

I think the friendly games against Cambridge was a success. The result is irrelevant so i won't even mention it. We aim to do this more often so watch this space.

2 December 2012

Training sessions now with proper floorball rink

White Hart Lane sports hall
It took a bit longer than we anticipated but we finally got it in the hall - yes, i'm talking about our new floorball rink. I would like to thank to Řepa for finding the rink, to Petr Gunčev for picking it up for us and shipping it to UK, to Vojta and to Bačko for all their help getting the rink to our hall, to Slavo for sorting the money transfer side of the deal and to all our players who lent the money to the club so we could pull this off and become the first London floorball club to have training sessions with a proper rink. Well done guys.